As a member of the IWC, you are asked to participate in your group’s bar duty once a year and to pay your dues on time. The rest is up to you. Obviously, the more active you are, the more you can get out of the Club. There are numerous activities and interest groups available, and you are more than welcome to set up one of your own. The area groups, in particular, can be very helpful in settling in and making those first important contacts.


Jo Stephenson runs the highly popular Baking Group which not only gives our ladies a chance to learn how to make all sorts of interesting tasty treats but because it’s such a multi-cultural group we get to get to learn about each other whilst we sit down afterwards and try what we have baked. It’s always such fun and always a ‘hands-on’ experience.



For many of our working/studying IWC members who are unable to join in daytime activities, we have decided to start a Ladies Night Out. The idea is for a small group of newcomers, as well as old timers, to get together informally one evening a month, either in town or at someone’s house and do something ‘gezellig’ – watch a movie, go out for dinner, or just sit around and talk. The date, time, place and activity will be announced on our website, rather than in the newsletter, so be sure to check it regularly.


Ladies, are you an enthusiastic reader looking for a chance to talk about books, pick up reading suggestions and meet new friends? You do not need to be a book critic to join the Book Club, just a book lover! We always welcome new members into our group, which meets approximately every six weeks in the evening from 8.00p.m. We have also shared favourite poetry and will at future sessions. Any poets/poems welcome!


The country walk is organised every month, usually in the 3rd week on a different day. It is a walk of approximately 1½ hour that will lead you through the most beautiful parts of South Limburg. It is a nice way of getting to know the area. For details of the walk see elsewhere in the newsletter.
We want to thank Agnes Mol for the many years of enthusiastic work in the Country Walk team. Jeanne Zwaans will take over Agnes work in our team. Applause for both.


Use up those old fabric scraps! All levels of proficiency are welcome at this group that meets twice a month in each other’s homes. Fabric scrap donations are also welcome. Contact @Beurskens


Are you interested in coming along to an “art group”? we are  amateur watercolour artists who are happy to host a Watercolour group once per week “Mondays” usually but this is not fixed.  Help and advice freely given, if necessary. For further information call me or email.    The dates are flexible as the group is still small. We can probably work with your schedule if you are interested in coming.


Do you like cooking, or is it just a necessary evil? Want to learn something different with an ethnic twist AND have fun in the process? Why not try some different styles of cooking. After all, variety is the spice of life!


English as a second language, all levels. Weekly, on Tuesday afternoons.
Spanish conversation, Spanish natives and fluently Spanish speaking meet monthly, as convenient at each other’s houses. Interested? Contact for more information. NEW! Beginners group Spanish lessons.
Dutch conversation, Dutch for expats, all levels. Days to be arranged. Contact @Westerhof
Japanese tea/conversation time! Nihongo no oshaberikai! We meet monthly at each others home. Interested?