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The International Women’s Club of South Limburg in the Netherlands was founded in 1985

The International Women’s Club of South Limburg in the Netherlands was founded in February 1985 as a non-profit organisation. As of September 2019 there are 223 members from 35 different countries.

The primary purpose of the Club is social, to bring together women of all nationalities living in the area of South Limburg, promoting friendship, sharing mutual interests and extending support and information to newcomers.

Members are invited to participate in any or all activities, including country walks, museum visits, social evenings ,playing bridge, patchwork and quilting, book reading and discussion, what’s cooking, baking, language classes and mothers and children groups. A newsletter outlining the club activities is published once a month and emailed to all members.

Once a month the club hosts a social evening for all members, often featuring guest speakers. To facilitate contact between members living in the same neighbourhood, the club is sub-divided in to area groups. This also encourages outings on a smaller, local scale.

A newcomers welcome coffee is organised on a regular basis to introduce new and/or potential members to the club.

  • Fees are € 45 per year (The club year is from September to end of June), payable before October 1st.
  • new members pay a joining fee of € 7 for administrative expenses. Leavers rejoining are required to repay the 7 euros. So 52 Euros for new members.
  • members joining from January-April will pay € 35 + € 7 = € 42.
  • members joining from May-June will pay € 22.
  • leaving before January will only pay € 22,50.
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