Activities in the Club

All activities in the Club are open to all members.

Monthly Get Together

Each 3rd Wednesday in the month ( Sept to May) we have a general get together. This is a social evening and can involve an evening where activities are arranged.
For eg. Wine tasting evening or American or Spanish evening , where we experience the culture and food made by our US or Spanish ( speaking ) members.

Group Meetings

Each area is covered by a group leader – so you can easily get together with members from your area. Activities are arranged for each group by the group leader. For eg coffee morning or lunch a walk or a trip to a brewery.

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In addition we offer many other interest groups.

– Baking,

– Breakfast Group

– 3 book Clubs

– Country Walks

– First Friday night out (held the first Friday of the month) quiz nights, cooking, and various crafting groups, from knitting to patchwork to wreath making etc.

– We have language lessons offered.

– A Christmas party ( with partners or friends ) and a Summer party ( Jun) .

Most activities are for members only but we do have some partners events too.

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