Our Privacy Policy

This page is relevant both for those applying for membership and for existing members.

According to the GDPR rules we have to respect your privacy with an official statement detailing how we deal with the information you provide.

This page also explains what you have to be aware of when it comes to the use of photos and information on our website and our social media platforms.

When you apply for membership we store the information you supply in a database hosted by wordpress on an EU server. We ask for the information on the application form in order to ensure you are eligible for membership, that we can accommodate your interests in the best possible way and to further contacts between our members.

We endeavor to delete member data when you leave the club, but we may keep some information for statistical purpose and to help the process should you return to South Limburg at a later point and reapply for membership.

The membership director stores a list of members on a local computer.

The editor of the Iwc is also responsible for the Membership Directory leaflet. In the production of this, your data and pictures may be shared internally, and with the printer. Unless we have been otherwise informed in writing, your data will appear in this leaflet and where it may be available online, accessible to members only.

The treasurer stores information about the members in order to able to charge membership fees and control payments. This is also done on a local computer.

The pictures used on our website are approved for use by people in the pictures. Those pictures are static and not changed often.

Pictures and information in the Facebook group are only available to members. We cannot guarantee where Facebook stores this information, but it is probably not limited to EU.

Both the IWC photographer and members themselves take pictures of people and post them on the closed Facebook group. Some pictures may be used other places to promote club activities. If you do not want your picture taken, please inform the person taking the photographs that you do not want to be in the picture.